Zoohotel in St. Petersburg


Leaving, and there is no one to leave your pet with? Zoological hotel "LIS" in St. Petersburg is at your service! We offer comfortable conditions for dogs of all breeds, in which they will feel calm, so that you do not have to worry about your faithful friend during your vacation or business trip.

Zoohotel in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg)

Zoo hotel for dogs in St. Petersburg "LIS" : our rooms

When creating a hotel for pets, we focused on quality and convenience of living, rather than chasing the use of every square centimeter. Therefore , we do not have cages and aviaries - each shaggy guest gets his own number. Zoo hotel for dogs "LIS" offers three categories of rooms:

  • Elite. Ideal for large dog breeds. There they can frolic and relax.
  • Suite. Slightly smaller rooms are available with sofas and loungers.
  • Comfort. The optimal solution for small dogs, where they will feel safe and calm.

Each dog room is kept clean, and the optimal temperature regime is maintained there. We regularly ventilate the premises and do wet cleaning. Hotel prices for pets are listed on the website.

Dog hotel "LIS" - we will find an approach to all

We know very well how different dogs are. Some are delighted with long-term active games and calmly treat their own kind on the site, others prefer leisurely walks in the company of the owner. Someone perceives changes without visible discontent, someone falls into stress from a momentary separation from a person.

Whatever your pet is, we will find an approach to it and will not let you get bored. When you return, you will be greeted by a healthy and contented dog - of course, you will not be able to do without happy squeals and jumping, because how else can the dog express the love that has accumulated during your absence?

Taking care of the safety and comfort of animals

Hotel for dogs in St. Petersburg "LIS" is not only comfortable rooms, but, first of all, people. People who adore dogs and are ready to do anything to make them comfortable. With some of our guests, we even huggle the first night to calm them down. If your dog needs it, you can be sure we will gladly do it.

Our zoological hotel in St. Petersburg pays special attention to the safety of pets: group games are held only in the presence of a dog handler. And if the dog is prone to aggression towards other animals, it will be dealt with and entertained separately from the rest.

Hotel for dogs in St. Petersburg: our services

The indicated hotel prices for pets include a basic set of services. The list of standard services includes:

  • Walking three times a day. We will adhere to the routine you set so that the dog does not get stressed.
  • Game hour. Can take place in the company of other animals or separately.
  • Care. Combing fur, trimming nails, cleaning ears, taking care of your health as recommended by your veterinarian.
  • Regular veterinary check-ups. Animals are examined not only upon admission, but also during their stay at the hotel.
  • Feeding. Our dog hotel is equipped with a kitchen. You can bring dog food with you, or you can tell us about the animal's taste preferences. Cooking any natural food is not a problem!

We also offer additional services. Among them is video surveillance. You can see what your pet is doing at any time and from anywhere, the main thing is to have access to the Internet. In addition, you can order a daily photo report - we will take a photo of the pet for you and send it to the mail or messenger.

A professional groomer can take care of your shaggy friend's beauty if you wish. This is a specialist with extensive experience, who knows how to handle the most capricious and restless dogs. We have a favorable price for grooming in St. Petersburg.

If you want to combine overexposure with raising a pet, our dog handler will offer you a suitable training course (UGS, OKD, and so on) or behavior correction, socialization depending on the dog's behavior and skills.

Hotel for animals in St. Petersburg: admission conditions

Taking care of the health and safety of our guests, we follow several rules. Study them before arriving in order to immediately take the necessary documents with you.

  • The animal must be healthy. Vaccinations against major infectious diseases should be made no earlier than three weeks before arrival. This should be noted in the veterinary passport.
  • Puppies under 5 months old, pregnant animals and dogs in heat are not accepted.
  • Before check-in, our veterinarian examines the pet, measures its weight.

The zoological hotel in St. Petersburg bears full responsibility for the condition of the animal during its stay at overexposure. The obligations and rights of the parties are spelled out in the contract, which is concluded with each owner.

How to use our services

You can find out about the availability of free numbers by calling us at +7 (911) 245-00-63. We will tell you about the features of each category of rooms, we will offer the best option depending on the breed and habits of the dog. Check-in is made in the morning, from 10.00 to 12.00, as well as from 15.00 to 20.00.

The price in the hotel for dogs "LIS" depends on the category of the room, the length of stay, as well as the selected additional services.

Do not trust your pet to dubious overexposures or acquaintances - people who do not have the skills to handle an animal can unknowingly harm its health, for example, feed it something harmful, and also lose it during a walk.

We promise your pet will have a great time while you are away! We will take care of his well-being and good mood, we will make the forced separation easier for you and for him.