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Cynological service «LIS»

Cynological service of St. Petersburg "Lis" offers its services to dog owners. We are engaged in training - individually and in groups, we take pets to the zoo hotel, provide zootaxi services, invite them to have a haircut or clean their ears to a groomer, and also offer a number of other services. Our team consists of professional dog handlers who use proven, effective methods of working with dogs. We are trusted by dogs of all breeds, knowing that we treat them with the same love and attention as we treat our pets. Our organization is located in St. Petersburg, but people from other cities of Russia also come to us.

Club "Lis" - we will take care of the upbringing of the dog

Our kennel center is approached by those who understand that dog breeding is, first of all, a huge responsibility. Our dog handlers will help to raise a pet correctly, they work in the following directions:

  • Training . It is a mistake to believe that only service or large breeds need to be brought up and trained in teams. Proper training is the key to the safety of all family members and the animal itself. We recommend starting classes when the puppy is 5-6 months old. But we are always ready to work with an adult pet, especially if the owner cannot cope with it. The basic course - OKD, after its successful completion, the dog can be taught the patrol service, the search for explosives or drugs, missing people, as well as the guard service.
  • Behavior correction . If a dog drags food from the table, does not obey commands, shows aggression towards family members or strangers, including other dogs on a walk, its behavior needs to be corrected, otherwise something bad may happen. We work, among other things, with dogs that have received trauma, help to socialize them and eliminate aggressive behavior patterns


Let's make your pet beautiful

You need to take care of your pet's appearance not only in order to catch the enthusiastic glances of passers-by on walks. Uncut claws, tangled fur, overweight or tartar are not just disadvantages, but also factors that seriously complicate the life of the animal. We offer you effective ways to keep your dogs healthy.

  • Services of groomers - specialists performing hygiene procedures. Remember to do grooming regularly to benefit your pet. Mandatory procedures include cleaning your ears, trimming your nails, removing tartar, removing loose hairballs, and trimming as needed.
  • Fitness for animals. It will be useful not only for those dogs that move little and because of this gain weight, but also for pets recovering from complex injuries, surgical interventions. Normal weight and the correct ratio of muscle to adipose tissue are the key to a long active dog life.


Look after the dog while you are away

Any need to leave the house for a long time is a serious test for both the pet and the owner. But not if you trust the animal to us. There is a zoological hotel at our canine center in St. Petersburg. It consists of rooms of different sizes: for large breeds we offer spacious rooms with sofas, for kids - cozy apartments in which they will feel comfortable. Leaving your dog at our hotel, you can count on the following services:

  • Feeding according to the regimen. You can bring your own food or entrust us with the preparation of natural food.
  • Walking three times a day. We will adhere to your walking schedule so that your dog does not experience unnecessary stress.
  • Games. Active, mobile, they are simply necessary for every animal. Games can be held in the company of other guests or separately from them, it all depends on the nature of your pet.
  • Veterinarian examination and hygienic care. Professionals will monitor the health of your pet.

If you wish, you can always see what your four-legged friend is doing - for this, all rooms of the zoo hotel have CCTV cameras with direct Internet access. Do not forget that only vaccinated dogs can enter the hotel. This is how we protect all the shaggy guests.


Preparing the dog for the show

Cynological service "Lis" offers handler services. This is a specialist who prepares animals for exhibitions, competitions and championships. The preparation process includes working out the correct behavior of the dog: it must behave calmly and calmly, moving around the ring, following commands, and also during the examination by the judges. Handler services are in high demand, as a professional can correctly present the dog's merits and even mask the shortcomings.

If you think that your pet should participate in exhibitions, be sure to invite a handler or visit him in our club. He will give important useful tips, tell you how long it will take to prepare the animal, depending on its skills and character.


We will take you to the veterinarian, groomer or any other place

If you do not have a personal car, but there is an urgent need to get an appointment with a veterinarian or go on other things with your pet, you can always count on our zootaxi. Kennel Service "Lis" does everything to make such trips comfortable for both dogs and their owners. We ask passengers only to follow simple recommendations:

  • A large animal should be muzzled, a small animal should be carried.
  • Don't forget to bring water for your four-legged friend, his favorite toy to calm down.
  • If the trip is going to be long, bring a bedding - the familiar smell will keep the dog from getting nervous.


We will help you find people

One of the services of our canine center is the departure of the crew, consisting of a service dog and a dog handler. Such a team is capable of solving various problems: looking for explosives or drugs, searching for people under rubble, in a city or in a forest.

A specially trained dog can work in different conditions: in shopping centers, residential buildings, in open areas or in industrial areas. The main thing is that she unquestioningly obeys commands and is trained to work together with a person. In urgent cases, we send the calculation immediately. We work both on private requests and on calls from legal entities.


"Lis" - a professional team of dog handlers

After reading the reviews about the Fox canine service , you can make sure that we have repeatedly helped dog owners cope with a variety of problems: from behavior correction and zooaggression to supervision while the owner is on vacation or on a business trip.

We have extensive experience working with animals of all breeds, including those that are considered to be unmanageable, headstrong and stubborn. We will be able to find an approach to your pet, we will make sure that your life with him is not overshadowed by aggression or disobedience.

Our address: St. Petersburg, Bolshoy pr. VO, house 89. You can find the phone number on the main page of the site, at the top right. Call us, we work daily from 09.00 to 21.00, without lunch, or come. We will be happy to help!

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