Fitness for dogs in St. Petersburg


Fitness - classes for people, it is known to all those who want to keep themselves in good shape. However, these activities are not alien to animals, especially those who live in urban conditions. Fitness for dogs in St. Petersburg is one of the services provided by the Lis dog training center.

Lack of movement, obesity and illness is absolutely not the way that is shown for a long and active life of a pet, and a loving owner understands this. Not everyone can walk with a four-legged one, moreover, an ordinary walk cannot be considered sufficient physical activity for an animal.

Fitness for dogs in St. Petersburg: fashion or necessity?

Fitness accessories for dogs - trainers, balls and more

Do you think treadmills and other devices were invented only for people? No! Likewise, sports gadgets and all kinds of gadgets exist for pets - Labradors and collies, spaniels and boxers.

The dog is lying, has become apathetic, eats reluctantly, and does not want to communicate? It's time to put together a training program and start changing the situation for the better. A fitness room for dogs is a well-thought-out plan, which takes into account all the features of the breed, a particular animal, its problems and the wishes of the owner.

Trainings can take place:

  • Indoors - we have all the conditions for dogs to train with trainers on schedule in a comfortable environment.
  • On the street - we discuss all the conditions and try to find the optimal program for each four-legged client.

Fitness club for dogs is a place where everything works for the result. The animal comes to study and from the second time clearly understands what needs to be done. Experienced dog trainers find an approach to any representative of any breed, but if the animal is too aggressive, the center reserves the right to refuse visits.


Heart and Diabetes Program

In the same way as people, pets suffer from diabetes mellitus, they are pursued by heart disease. As you know, movement and correct physical activity become one of the components of correct therapy.

Each disease or problem has its own set of actions that will lead to the desired result. It is also important to calculate:

  • load - time and duration, number of repetitions and blocks;
  • regular visits to the fitness club for dogs;
  • a set of equipment and sports equipment for performing the necessary tasks.

Separately, it is worth talking about post-traumatic recovery. This is a whole complex, which includes drugs, exercises, and physiotherapy. Individuals who have survived complex operations, injuries, accidents, need a competent comprehensive approach from doctors and trainers in order to return to normal life as soon as possible.


Nutrition and drinking regime

Fitness for dogs implies adherence to a general regimen. It includes food without fail. This issue is resolved with the veterinarian - today a species-typical diet is in trend, which is based on meat and offal, fish, cottage cheese and fermented vegetables.

However, this question should not be left to chance, or the recommendations of friends and acquaintances should not be taken on faith. Only a competent veterinarian who is familiar with the medical history can draw conclusions and prescribe a diet.

The complex will combine:

  • two or one balanced meals;
  • a sufficient amount of clean water;
  • walking mode;
  • fitness exercises for dogs.

The result will not be long in coming. It usually takes about two weeks to see the first changes. A more noticeable and permanent effect can be recorded within a month.


Breed and its features

There are breeds that have breed diseases. A responsible owner keeps this in check to work proactively. Often, correct physical activity allows you to avoid diseases or delay their appearance as much as possible.

All simulators and equipment that are at the disposal of our center are time-tested and dogs that have already completed the course. We follow the new products and try to get them as soon as possible in order to provide our customers and their favorites with modern sports gadgets and devices that will improve the standard of living.

An active, healthy and well-groomed dog is a joy for every owner. We all want our four-legged friends to live as long as possible and at the same time be healthy, happy with life. In our understanding, a fitness center for dogs is a place where amazing changes take place.


Fitness as a necessity

A separate category of animals that are shown fitness are service dogs. Work animals simply have to be in good shape, and the best that people can give is to ensure that all conditions for the development and maintenance of condition are met.

The St. Petersburg Center has already gained popularity and gained regular customers. We value our reputation and always act in the best interests of the client - in this case, animals. A clear understanding of the goals set, striving forward and constant intermediate evaluation of the results make it possible to benefit each animal. We look for a solution in any situation and find it, because health is at the forefront.


Dog training center "Lis" follows trends and adopts the experience of colleagues from Russia and other countries, so that our clients receive all the best and most useful.