Grooming services in St. Petersburg


For most dog breeders, the concept of grooming is associated with the preparation of the dog for exhibition events. But this is just one of the directions. Masters of grooming salons provide various services for the care of the animal's coat, teeth and claws. High-quality grooming in St. Petersburg is carried out by experienced masters of our canine center "LIS". By cutting and styling, they will emphasize the beauty of the breed, get rid of tangles, remove tartar and professionally carry out a number of other important procedures for the animal.

Grooming services in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg)

Why do you need grooming

If you look at the price list of any salon, then in the list of offered services you can see:

  • claw trimming;
  • cleaning of the auricles;
  • dental calculus removal and teeth whitening;
  • eye care;
  • bathing;
  • removing tangles and combing wool.

To maintain the health of the dog, the owner should carry out these hygienic measures at least once a month.

If there are no difficulties with the eyes and ears, then it is not always possible to properly cut the claws or care for the coat. And then the help of the master is required.

Clipping and grooming of dogs in St. Petersburg is carried out in almost all grooming salons, and the cost of services is different. Of course, it is better if a good groomer makes a handsome man out of a homemade shaggy man, but such services are not cheap. If you do not need to prepare a pet for a photo shoot or an exhibition, then a dog grooming in St. Petersburg can be inexpensively carried out in any salon. The animal will be properly grooming, the coat will be put in order.

Grooming like a haircut

Despite the fact that grooming in St. Petersburg includes various procedures, the main focus is hair care. The pet grooming salon, depending on the type of breed, will offer the owner 2 options:

  • Classical. Dog grooming is carried out with a clipper and thinning scissors. Suitable for Yorkies, Poodles and other dogs with fast growing coats.
  • Trimming (artificial molt). Terriers and some other breeds do not shed - the coat dies off, but does not fall out, causing severe discomfort to the animal and giving it a sloppy look. Trimming will cleanse the skin of dead particles and make the dog beautiful.

The owner does not always know what kind of dog grooming is necessary in a particular case. When examining the coat, a professional craftsman will immediately determine whether you need trimming or a classic grooming haircut.

Classic types of haircuts

Our dog grooming salon offers classic options to highlight the beauty and hide the breed's flaws. Popular options:

  • Stripping. Removing dead hair with a special trimmer attachment.
  • Rolling. A kind of manual trimming. Dead hairs are removed every 10-14 days.
  • Top notes. A ponytail made with an elastic band or hair clip. Popular hairstyle for Yorkies and some other breeds.
  • Filirovka. With the help of special scissors, transitions from long to short coat are created. A popular option for Cocker Spaniels.
  • Flatwerk. Short pile is trimmed so that all hairs are the same length.
  • Clippwerk. Haircut with a typewriter is almost "zero".

The grooming master will select the desired option, which will not only emphasize the dog's beauty, but also, if necessary, ensure skin hygiene (trimming in non-shedding breeds). Classic dog grooming in St. Petersburg is offered by our dog training center "LIS".

Some owners want a four-legged pet

If you want something unusual

looked fashionable and bright. Then you should choose the creative option. This will allow:

  • cut the dog as you wish (the master will offer various creative haircuts);
  • bleach or dye the coat (use dyes that are safe for animals).

But not every pet salon in St. Petersburg does creative grooming. Turning to an inexpensive St. Petersburg grooming salon, the owner can see in the list of services only classic haircuts and hygiene procedures. But the grooming salon in St. Petersburg at the canine center "LIS" has a creative master on staff who will take into account the wishes of the owner of the dog and give the coat an original look.

How often to cut

Dog grooming involves the following haircut options:

  • Hygienic. The regrown hair is clipped under the tail and in some other places. Needed to keep the pet clean. Do it every 2 weeks.
  • Professional (model). Regrown hair is trimmed or plucked to create a beautiful exterior. Perform when the pole has grown a lot and interferes or spoils the appearance of the animal. This option provides for artistic shearing.

The rate of regrowth of wool differs among representatives of different breeds. Some are trimmed every 2-3 months, while others need more time for fouling. The masters of our canine center "LIS" perform both types of haircuts.

Service cost

The price of grooming in St. Petersburg is different in different establishments. You can find an inexpensive pet salon with a classic set of services or contact an expensive center. The grooming price consists of several components:

  • The size of the animal. Large dogs take longer to trim than small dogs, which means they will be more expensive.
  • Haircut type. A quick clipper is almost baldly cheaper than complex thinning with scissors. The most expensive option is creative.
  • Master's qualification. This includes not only the ability to cut beautifully, but also the ability to "negotiate" with the animal. For professionals, tailed clients can easily cut between the paws, under the tail and in other "intimate" places.
  • Additional services for wool processing. In addition to trimming, bathing, brushing, and other tidying techniques may be required.

If you want to find a good master for your pet, then you should pay attention to our center. The price in the pet salon at the LIS center for all types of grooming is lower than in other professional establishments.

Home visit

Most pet salons provide a convenient service - professional grooming with a visit to your home at any time. On the one hand, it looks positive: the master came and cut the dog. But on the other hand, this option is not always the best:

  • A home for a dog is its territory, and a stranger is perceived negatively. The arrival of a dog hairdresser, the dog, even if its protective qualities are poorly expressed, will perceive with nervousness or aggressiveness.
  • Lack of tools. The master takes with him a standard set of trimmers, scissors and clippers. But sometimes this is not enough for a complex cutting, and it would be more convenient to work with another clipper or trimmer that remained in the salon.
  • Inconvenient workplace. In zoological salons, tables are equipped with devices for fixing the dog's body in a certain position and special baths for bathing. Lack of fixtures complicates the groomer's job and can affect quality.

An additional inconvenience for the owner is the cleaning of wool and other debris left after clipping.

Favorable offer from the dog training center "LIS"

Our professional grooming salon in St. Petersburg offers all types of dog care. Experienced professionals will clean your eyes and ears, remove tartar and tidy up your appearance. To improve the appearance of the animal, the masters will offer a haircut taking into account the breed. After grooming in our center, the shaggy dog will turn into a handsome man with a good conformation.