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Zoo hotel Vasilievsky Island

Elite 1

1500 RUB

Suite 2

1100 RUB

Elite 3

1500 RUB

Suite 4

1300 RUB
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Suite 5

1100 RUB

Suite 6

1100 RUB

Suite 7

1100 RUB

Comfort 8

1000 RUB

Welcome to our ZOOHOTELS! Most dog owners think that being in a zoo hotel for their pet is bound to be stressful. Yes, it could be that way. But!

In "Fox" conditions are created that are as close to home as possible. We do not have cages, enclosures, oppressive dark rooms. We understand that a dog that is used to sleeping on a sofa will be stressful even if you ask her to sleep on a regular bed. For such princesses and princes and pea princes, we have rooms with upholstered furniture. So soft that sometimes some even try to eat it.

For those who are basically not allowed into bed by the owners, there are rooms with comfortable beds and there is no risk that the dog, after a vacation on the couch, will try to occupy the forbidden territory at home.

What else is important to understand. Our guests do not sit around the clock in the room, suffering from a lack of communication. Three-time walks, a game hour either with the workers of the center, or, provided there is no zoo-aggression, with self-like ones (under the supervision of a dog handler), and often training, if the owner decides to combine rest and training. There is no time to get bored!

By the way! We have an additional service - video surveillance. At any moment, an alarming mumpap can admire his child and make sure that everything is in order with him. About food. Even if the dog is on the most cunning natural, this will not be a problem. We have an equipped kitchen where we prepare the finest dog meals. And the last thing. If the dog decides to stress, we will be with him for as long as it takes for him to adapt. There were times when I had to sleep in an embrace the first night.

With love for our smaller brothers, sincerely your "Fox".

The basic room rate includes:

arrow3 times dog walking,
arrowgame hour,
arrowdog care,
arrowveterinary examination,

Check in at the hotel daily: in the morning from 10:00 to 12:00, in the evening from 15:00 to 20:00.


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