Zootaxi in St. Petersburg: fast, inexpensive, safe


Don't have a car but have a pet? This means that sooner or later you will need to take him to the groomer, to the clinic, to the dog show, or even just to the dacha. Zootaxi service in St. Petersburg is one of those offered to you by "Fox"! We are ready to take the animal so that both he and you will have only good impressions and memories of the trip.

The question of moving around the city with a pet always arises at the most unexpected moment, when it is difficult to plan, but you need to go now. Why not take public transportation? Only those people who have never traveled with an animal say this.

Zootaxi in St. Petersburg: fast, inexpensive, safe

Taxi vs public transport

In any transport, a dog or a cat will feel extremely uncomfortable - there are a lot of strangers, smells, sounds around. Many adults, not to mention children, stretch their hands, strive to pet a dog or cat, which is not always appropriate.

Separately, it should be said about when a dog or a cat does not feel well - there is no time to meet someone else's and often hostile world, because time is precious - you need to get to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Often in such situations, the animal is irritated, may inadequately respond to other representatives of the fauna and to people.

Zootaxi is another matter. You and your pet are driving the car. The driver is as neutral as possible and does not try to pat the dog behind the ear or cuddle the cat. All zootaxi workers in St. Petersburg understand that such passengers are somewhat unusual, they need to be treated in a special way.


Zootaxi prices in St. Petersburg - expensive or cheap?

To begin with, it is important to determine the route - this will be done by the dispatcher when calling the car. We care not only about people, but also about our smaller brothers, therefore we make the route so that it is optimal in terms of time, road condition and mileage.

It is not difficult to calculate the cost of a zootaxi after all the above points - usually the dispatcher can say an almost exact amount (some minor discrepancies in the direction of reduction in price or rise in price are possible, but not necessarily happen).

Prices for a zootaxi in St. Petersburg practically do not differ from the usual tariffs.


What to look for when transporting an animal in a taxi

An important point is to describe the condition of the animal and how you plan to transport it - on your hands, separately, in a cage or carrying bag - it will depend on which car you will be served at the specified address.

There are some rules that are important to follow when transporting dogs or cats, small animals, rodents or birds:

  1. The dog should be muzzled - both it and the driver will be calmer.
  2. The owner should take care of the bedding, which on the one hand will protect the seats and the interior of the car, and on the other will serve to calm the animal (familiar smell).
  3. All small pets should be in special carrying bags - fabric, plastic, others. This is primarily a question of the safety of the animal itself.
  4. The owner must make sure that the animal is comfortable on the way - take water with him in a portable drinking bowl, provide the animal with the necessary things on the road.


A trip to another city or to a suburb, a suburb of St. Petersburg

Do you want to visit your friends in the countryside with your favorite dog? It couldn't be easier! You just need to call us to calculate the long distance zootaxi. It is not in our rules to wind up extra kilometers or prices, and besides, we are aimed at long-term cooperation.

Do you want to get from point "A" to point "B" quickly, without conflicts and nerves, in the cool in summer or warm in winter? Our taxi will take into account all the wishes of the client. Our drivers are not afraid of animals, they are sympathetic to their characteristics and habits. We will make sure that the trip goes smoothly, and you become our regular customers.

Ordering a taxi to ride in it with your pet is now easy. Call us - and we will tell you about all the conditions by phone, as well as calculate the travel budget depending on your wishes. And very soon you will hear an invitation from the dispatcher to go to the service car, which is already waiting in the right place.


Do you need to go? We are ready! Call to order a taxi for yourself and your pet!