Dog training in St. Petersburg


Do you want your pet or strict guard to delight everyone with obedience so that you can rely on him in any situation? The LIS canine service guarantees that the training of dogs by experienced specialists will guarantee that all your hopes will come true. Bring your dog to us - and the result will not be long in coming!

Dog training in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg)

Dog Training Courses - Fashion or Necessity?

When a small puppy appears in the house, it seems to you that it is very easy to teach him a couple of commands. However, in fact, the educational and educational process in the case of any animal is not such a simple thing. The training of a puppy must be correct, otherwise all efforts will be in vain, and at the most unnecessary moment an unpleasant situation may happen due to the poor manners of the animal.

You can often come across the opinion that training of service dogs is important and necessary, and other breeds can do without it. In fact, this is not the case. Why is it important?

  • The pet will never take anything from someone else's hands and from the ground (floor) - sometimes it even saves a life.
  • You will always be sure that the four-footed companion will hear you and will do as it is taught.
  • The dog will make the right decisions in difficult situations - in other words, he will act according to the algorithm that is laid down during classes.
  • The training course will help you to get closer, to better understand the character of the pet, its disposition.

What kind of training is there? Yes, very different: ordinary, sports, circus, etc. The direction is chosen by the owners, but here it is important to correlate it with the breed, habitat, tasks that will be posed to the animal. An experienced dog handler of our center will help you with this.

Dog training in St. Petersburg is a highly demanded service, but not everyone provides it in full and is responsible for their actions. Our center has a real team of professionals who can not only teach, but also correct the program in time, give their recommendations on education, nutrition, walks.

Our dog training school offers a wide range of services:

  1. Classes (individual and group) on the territory of our center.
  2. Off-site lessons at a specific location or at the customer's site.
  3. Psychological package - timely correction of behavior, the ability to "reconcile" animals, and so on.
  4. Dog training under the OKD and UGS programs.

In addition to standard programs, in our arsenal there are also author's developments that allow us to rehabilitate animals that have suffered from various psychotraumas.

Service and non-service - is there a difference who to train?

Indeed, initially training related only to service breeds, and most often they were German shepherds. However, the world does not stand still, because today dog training in St. Petersburg applies equally to Labrador, Shar Pei, and even Toy Terrier or other "pocket" dogs. In fact, every pet must be well-mannered, this will determine not only the comfort in the process of living together, but also the safety of the pet during walks.

It is important to start the process on time: experts believe that the training of the dog in commands should start no later than the time when the puppy is 4-6 months old. And in practice, most often it happens in a completely different way: the owner of the animal turns to the dog handler when he cannot cope with his pet, especially when it comes to large and aggressive breeds.

The training of service dogs laid the foundation for the general direction, so do not hesitate to bring representatives of other breeds to classes - our specialists get along well with any animals. School for dogs is not only learned commands, but also socialization - just like in everyday life.

The most common and widespread course is dog training in the format of the OKD program. If you decipher what is contained in the abbreviation, then you will see:

  • teaching the dog commands;
  • accustoming to walking on a leash (short, long, exhibition, etc.);
  • practicing certain disciplining skills;
  • unquestioning execution of the command "fu" and much more.

Dog training courses are a guaranteed way to save yourself and your pet from a lot of unpleasant moments associated with poisoning on the street, attacking children or drunk people. Our dog training school in St. Petersburg is one of the most advanced, which means that we follow the latest trends, include new items in the programs and, of course, are fully responsible for the results. It is not enough just to train service teams, you need to see the character of the animal, its inclinations, talents in time.

Dog school in group format

Many dog handlers consider such classes to be the most promising. This is because dog training in St. Petersburg is combined with the development of social skills. The animal is in the company of its own kind, in addition to working out commands, it learns to coexist among four-legged with different characters, not to succumb to provocations from bullies and to get along with shy canine representatives.

Puppy training in St. Petersburg begins with the simplest commands. Gradually, when the development is already yielding the first results, the tasks will become more difficult. It is difficult enough to initially say how long this or that pet will need, but at the same time, each program in our canine center is designed for a specific time. Teaching commands is not so easy, often it is associated with the opposition of the animal - it takes time for the trainer to influence your pet correctly, without violence and mental breakdown, as is often the case with inadequate "trainers".

Home training - is it necessary?

Today, more and more people think about a school for their pet, and we are always glad to see this trend in our dog training center. Training puppies in St. Petersburg with the participation of their owners is a great option for any animal. Even a minimal "package" in this case will require efforts, which will then pay off handsomely. Do not give up school, let the dog become a real support, make your existence with him within the framework of an apartment, yard, walking area or summer cottage comfortable and safe.

The canine character can be easily corrected if you start doing all this at a tender puppy age. A set of standard commands is not yet training, our dog handlers and trainers will definitely tell you about what else your pet can do and how to achieve it. Take this seriously, as if you are sending a child to first grade - it is very important to understand: the sooner you do this, the easier it will be for the dog to learn, and then, to please you with the results.

Kennel Center "LIS" offers competent and professional training of dogs in St. Petersburg. We rely on traditions and our own experience, constantly improving our skills. We are ready to train service dogs in St. Petersburg, as well as take pets of other breeds into groups - decorative, hunting and protective. You choose the program, and everything else is our task!