Departure of the dog crew in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg)


Cynological service "Lis" offers its clients a service - departure of the cynological crew. We are ready to complete the work quickly and accurately, acting according to the circumstances and taking into account the wishes of the client.

Departure of the dog handler with the dog is a responsible event. Inspection of the territory, search for drugs or explosives, and other tasks - both people and dogs in our center have high qualifications and vast experience. Continuous training, confirmation of certificates, obtaining new skills and practicing existing ones - the work is carried out constantly.

Dog training - a team consisting of a man and a dog. These two work in unison - clearly, smoothly, thoughtfully. The animal understands its tasks and at the same time listens to commands. The result of the calculation is the fulfillment of the task from start to finish.

Departure of the dog crew in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg)

Facility security, patrolling and other tasks

In our canine center, the best personnel and animals are collected, which over the years have been learning to perform all sorts of tasks. A service dog is not just a working unit in a team, but also a full-fledged human partner - smart, dedicated, trained to work in a variety of situations.

We work with both individuals and legal entities. Both one-time visits to fulfill urgent tasks and long-term cooperation are carried out. Payment for services can be made both in cash and by bank transfer. We are also focused on long-term cooperation under a contract.

Our services also include:

  • mine search service;
  • search for narcotic substances;
  • help in finding people and much more.


Patrol and search service in St. Petersburg

Work in this direction has been known for a long time - its standards are certified, and the tasks are described in reference books. We guarantee that our services meet the highest modern standards. A cynologist with a service dog leaves as needed or according to a pre-established schedule and works until the end of the task.

In many cases, there is simply no substitute for canine crew. What these two - the counselor and his dog - can do, is beyond the power of either modern technology or other units. A detector dog is not a very large or very small breed, but there are no hard standards here. The most important thing is the qualities of an individual animal, its skills after passing the MSS programs.


A dog with a dog handler in St. Petersburg: the price of services

The cost of services is discussed before completing tasks. In each case, numerous factors are taken into account - type of activity, duration, conditions of increased danger, and much more. Only after studying all the details, we name the price and agree on it with the customer.

The use of the "man-dog" link allows you to reduce the danger at objects, to save material values and, most importantly, people's lives. Entrust us with an object or task - and we will do everything in the best possible way.

The dog, which is also called a detector, very quickly searches for suspicious and potentially dangerous objects both in a large area and in confined spaces. In different situations, this saves from the consequences of terrorist acts, fires, and other cataclysms.


Interesting: in order to search a car, a specially trained dog spends no more than five minutes.


We take over the following objects for service:

  • houses and buildings;
  • industrial premises and complexes;
  • public buildings and structures;
  • areas of terrain and closed areas;
  • garages and service stations;
  • warehouses and more.

Kennel Center "Lis" takes legal responsibility for the task. We guarantee compliance with laws within the framework of the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Having experience of working with large enterprises, we strictly comply with all agreements and do not go beyond our powers.

We have different specialists and different dogs at our disposal. Which of the calculations is suitable for the implementation of a specific task is decided by the management of our center. Each animal has its own characteristics and its own focus, this is what is used in the selection so that the clients' tasks are completed in a short time and with the expected result.

Do you need help? The situation is urgent? Call - and the Lis Kennel Center will take the situation into its own hands. We will find a solution that suits both parties, and immediately proceed with the task.

The cost of services is average in the market. We also take on complex and unique cases - in such situations the price may be higher, but this is always justified by the circumstances. Contact us - and you will be able to avoid dangers and simply unpleasant situations in life. Cynologists and dogs of the "Lis" center are ready - it's up to you!