Recruitment for group lessons on OKD is open


The set for group lessons in the General Course of Training (OKD) is open!

Registration is also conducted for individual lessons in special types of training: protective guard service, search service, search and rescue service, patrol service, search for explosives / narcotic substances.

Classes are conducted by dog handlers who have undergone serious professional training in law enforcement agencies, who have many years of experience working with dogs of all breeds. We work with aggressive dogs.

We offer three training options:

GROUP LESSONS on OKD (obedience).
The course is designed for 3 months, classes are held 2 times a week for 1 hour (evening time) at the address: St. Petersburg, V.O., Bolshoy pr., 89
Classes are systematized "from simple to complex."

INDIVIDUAL LESSONS (on our territory or with the departure of the dog handler to you) will allow the instructor to choose a special approach to your dog and build an individual method of working with it.

GENERAL TRAINING COURSE (OBEDIENCE) WITH THE DOG'S ACCOMMODATION involves the dog staying at our zoological hotel during training (duration depending on the set of commands / skills necessary for the owner).
A visit by the owner of the dog is possible and not limited in time.
At the end of this course, there are several sessions with the owner to switch the dog to him.